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Mom's  Special

If you want to buy a good knife for mom, contact us to help you decide the best one for her—there are so many choices!. Or, you can purchase the following two favorites on-line to speed up your shopping.

serrated bread knife


Price $29.95, $2.00 handling fee, and optional insurance of $10.00.

The beauty of this knife is it's so sharp, light weight, and easy on a person's hands. The rosewood handle has a nice shape and wood is a "soft" comfort material. This fine piece of cutlery is a favorite with older ladies.

The serrated bread knife features an extremely sharp high carbon, stainless steel blade that holds its edge. Victorinox uses a special tempering process to produce an edge that can be resharpened over and over again.

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slicer dicer


Price $29.95, $2.00 handling fee, and optional insurance of $10.00.

Use this multipurpose Chef's Knife as a slicer or a dicer, it will be the most versatile blade in your kitchen. The elegant rosewood handle is designed to reduce wrist tension and triple riveted for durability. It's curved up front so your knuckle won't hit the cutting board – great for folks with arthritis in their hands.

The 7 in. plain edged blade is 1.5 in. wide at the handle and made of high carbon stainless steel. The blade is conically ground length and crosswise. This results in a wider break point and an edge that is more resistant to fracturing while creating less friction when cutting. A unique tempering process creates an edge with world renowned sharpness.

This is a must-have for every cook.

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